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( May. 26th, 2009 05:21 pm)
How the hell am I supposed to get a job when I have to go to a stupid convention in the next two weeks and I'm SICK of holding off to get one? Yeah, I have to get this stupid job because my friend already paid for my ticket into the convention.
I don't even like conventions.
And I like cosplaying even less.

But lo and behold, I already have a costume (which needs fixing), and every time I mention the fact that I DON'T. WANT. TO. GO. IN. COSTUME... my mother guilt-trips me. 8D Because she's the one who made it. Last year. 8D

I dunno why I stopped liking anime conventions-- probably because it's ALWAYS inconvenient when I go to one. As in, I'm ALWAYS needed for something at home. And then I'm not there. Seriously, I don't think I NEED another convention. All I'm doing when I go to one is wasting precious money and time on things that I can easily access back at home, especially since a good number of my friends are anime freaks anyway. With them, every day is like a con. (Probably why I get a headache around some. Not all. Nobody like Rei or Alayna. Actually, Alayna is less of an anime fan and more of a just...cartoon fan. Like me.)

Soooo anywhat, Grand-dad has finally been admitted to a Hospice Room. About darn time, too. Grand-mom was having so much trouble with him, Uncle Michael was starting to whine like a f***king teenager, and Grand-dad's wits have been slipping. I think things are starting to wind down for him. I would give him about a week.

I've been taking care of house matters for mom recently, which actually feels kinda good except for the POUNDING HEADACHE I get when I start thinking about how much I feel like a stay-at-home wife.

Maybe if I get a Pay-Pal account and start asking for Donations on my comic page. xD
...Naw, that's...I dunno. I don't think anyone would donate.

Whatever. Enough venting. I think I'm gonna nab me an ice cream cup.


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